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Are you tired of clowns


Birthday parties in “Skala city” climbing center are organized in a form of team competitions, where two or more teams (depending on the total number of guests) led by the "captains" (birthday child and one of the guests) compete in running, climbing, jumping from a 10 meters high platform, shooting crossbows, sword fighting and "horse" riding.

The competition usually involves up to five different activities, all different, where kids have to outperform their rivals and thus get more points. 

We have been organizing the parties since 2004, they are perfectly suited for  both boys and girls aged from 7 to 12.

In our climbing gym we host up to 200 events annually with more than 2000 kids participating. More than 50% of our customers base their choice of having a birthday party in “Skala city” on a positive reference from their friends.

We never invite animators and clowns to run our parties. We do not dress up as fake cowboys or Indians to amuse the kids. Our dominant competitive advantage is the games that we put together and which we have been constantly improving for 12 years. They are very exciting; we never have to do anything else on our side but to announce the rules.

When asked to express their opinion after the event most parents wrote that the format of our birthday parties lived up to the expectations of children aged from 7 to 12 in the best possible way.
We never needed feedback from the kids, their reaction spoke for itself.





Answers to 11 frequently asked questions: 

1. Since we organize our birthday parties in a form of team competition, the minimum group size we work with is 10 kids. For parties to be organized on Saturday and Sunday at 19:00 the minimum group size is 12 kids.

2. when we host a birthday party the climbing center is closed for the event.

3. the program lasts for 2 hours (or 2,5 h., should the group be more than 20 kids). Extra time (40 or 60 min.) for the birthday cake in our banquet room is an option.

4. no special training is required for kids to take part in our program, we set the difficulty level according to the age. On top of that, all activities are different and require different skills, we are quite confident that every participant will succeed.

5. we invite parents to join the party as spectators and fans (though adults never take part in the activities themselves), the party is much more fun, when parents are around, cheer them up, take photos etc.

6. we are located on Kutuzovskii prospekt (Кутузовский проспект), on the right side when heading from the center just outside the third ring road.

7. all participants are required to have sports shoes and convenient non-restrictive clothes. Girls are also required to have hair ribbons.

8. though we call our events “extreme birthday parties”, they are absolutely safe. We have immense experience of hosting events up to 40 participants and provide enough personnel to ensure that every kid is properly looked after.

9. you can check whether your date is available in the schedule.

10. we have an experienced and very fit photographer, who knows exactly how take a quality photo of out events.

11. we have original invitation cards and envelopes available.



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To ask questions or make a reservation call  8 (985) 760 18 27, Dmitry

Address: Kutuzovskii prospekt, 36/3, metro station Kutuzovskaya or Park Pobedy



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